I can't art, but I definitely admire it

A couple of weeks ago, I found sometime to stop by the OCAD 100th Grad Expo, and got to see some really whicked art by students and recent grads. It's always refreshing to witness local and contemporary art, especially ones done by students because their work resonate with me. 

Artist: Jiwon Song, 2015
Light + Shadow 
Illuminating Culture and Patterns Through Garment Design 
digitally printed on silk organza and silk dupiond 

As a Korean - Canadian, Jiwon's past life experience of living in Korea and current experience of living in Canada became the major inspiration of her thesis. 

Motivated by one summer night, she saw combinations of magnificent light and shadows reflected on the famous South Korean Landmark "Gwanghwamoon", inspired to produce pieced of lightweight garments. 

Her interpretation of Canadian culture as a laid-back and relaxed is expressed in the simple and minimalist silhouettes. 

By capturing shadows of self-designed patterns inspired by the patterns and elements of traditional Korean architecture, Han-Ok, Jiwon intertwines her impressions of a busy life in Korea and that of a slow paced, relaxed life in Canada.

"Combination of Contemporary and traditional is a way to allow co-occuring phenomena to melt to a new identity-giving unity" (Hwang Doo Jin) 

Trench - Aritzia | Denim - Rag&Bone, Skinny Cole W/ Holes

Sakura SZN

Even though this happens every spring, I still can't get enough of sakura trees when they bloom. That idiom we've all heard, "April showers, bring May flowers" couldn't be anymore true this week. You can literally sense how much I am gushing. 

Gah, I didn't realize how much I've missed blogging. Well I am back guys, and that means more posts to come!! ~~ 


Still Layering: Trench and Sandals

Wearing: Trench - Aritzia | Top - Club Monaco| Trousers - Jacob|  Bag - Marc Jacob | Sandals - Birkenstock

Almost through with May, and I am wondering why the weather still has us layering. Went down to Yorkville this weekend with a couple friends, and stopped by a few boutiques. When in Yorkville, the Pink Tartan flag ship store is a must. Someone hold me, I've fallen for the collection all over again. Wearing my fave trench, cigarette dress pants and a boxy white top.
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Jacket - Aritzia | Button up - Zara (similar) | Pants - Club Monaco | Sandals - Birkenstocks

This weekend I went up north to see family and I wasn't expecting rain so I didn't pack a trench coat or rain boots. Needless to say, when I got there and went out to for a walk, I got drenched. But at least I got to see a flawless rainbow! I am wearing a classic motto jacket over a mandarin collar button up, paired with ankle cropped pants and white birks.  Taking ova' tennis courts and parking lots, one at a time. 

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Spring Inspo: Whites, Pastel Pinks, and Yoga

Photos via Tumblr
Cropped trousers, white sneakers/pool side sandals, subtle pinks with greys, tailored lines, and gold minimal jewellery, is what spring looks like to me aesthetically.  Oh, and yoga for the soul of course! I'll be posting a few of my stretches and yoga poses this season.  What does spring look like to you?


Pink Tartan FW14

Photo's via Toronto Life
Given the rain, day three of Toronto Fashion Week was probably one of the most attended days of the week. A friend and I went to see the Pink Tartan show, and no surprise there, it met our every expectation and exceeded it. Kimberley Newport-Mimran, the designer of the line is known for her signature A-line over the knee skirts, and sporty with-feminine-charm creations. Her Fall Winter '14 collection kept true to that but with an added fur flare as snoods and clutches. Kim played around with a lot of textures and exaggerated collars on her jackets as well. And all her models had their hair tucked into their turtle-necks. It really was a great show. 

Trench Coat - Aritzia | Silk Tunic - Aritzia | Jeans - J Brand | Purse - Marc Jacob | Shoes - Urban Outfitters| Scarf - Mom's Closet|

Wednesday's weather was warm and rainy, best kind of day to sport a massive trench and scarf with an umbrella in hand. I wore my green silk tunic over some distressed denim and tucked in the straps of my MJ to carry it as a clutch. Finished the entire look with a scarf wrap. Safe to say that I am wearing some of my favourite pieces in this look. 

Coat - Zara | Crop top - UO | Skirt - H&M | Purse - Rebecca Minkoff | Hat - Anthropologie

My friend Jenny is wearing a mesh crop top and quilted skater skirt under her bomber jacket (from Brandy Melville) that you can't see, with over the knee socks ( American Apparel) and Nasty Gall cut-out booties. I wasn't kidding when I said I have the raddest friends. Ever. 

 I love dressing for rainy days. What about you, how do you keep dry and looking on point?


Bare it in lace

Talula, Aritzia

Nothing feels as good as lace looks on. Introducing one of my wardrobe essentials, an unwired lace bralette!  Many other brands carry them as well, but non have the same affect as the Talula, Aritzia ones. When you're purchasing these goodies, definitely size up, for more coverage and to have the lace trimmings peaking a bit. Oh, so scandalous.


Pajama Weekends

After an insanely stressful week, it's finally the weekend and I plan on indulging in every minute of it and wearing the comfiest clothes I own. After all, weekends are made to wear your favourite clothes.
Yesterday I went out with my good friend Alex to Lady Marmalde this breakfast and brunch joint down in Leslieville, Queen St E. The family owned restaurant, has two locations, one in Toronto and the other in Victoria. What I love most, is that all of of their dishes are made of free run eggs and meat, organic bread and local produce. Can we say 'hoorah!" to supporting local business and eating well!
Lady Marmalde 
I ordered the fresh fruit parfait with a cinnamon bagel, and Alex got the baked french toast. They were both were delicious and satisfied all of my morning cravings.
Wearing: Pants (Similar here), Sweater (Similar here) & Camisole - Club Monaco
The definition of comfortable wear is Pajama wear to me. So I busted out my loose fitting violet pants (that have these wicked black stripes on the sides), silk camisole and sweater  and called it a day. Can you tell how bad I want for spring to arrive already?? I am tired of dressing for winter. But it's alright guys, we're almost there, only one more week till Spring officially hits!

Alex  is wearing: Denim - Garage (similar here) | Jacket - Aritzia
Alex is wearing high waisted acid wash jeans with a basic black tee, and a white Jacket to top it off. Can I just say that I have the raddest friends, ever.
So what did you do this weekend and how did you dress for it?


Valentines Day: Micahel Pfleg

In the spirit of Valentines day, I found an entry in blog post that does justice to this upcoming holiday. 

Michael Pfleg. May 17th, 2013

Michael was the specialist my mom went to see today; he seemed to be around 70 years-old. He wore a white lab coat and had mesmerizing blue eyes that contrasted so well with the glowing white puff of hair on his head.

The doctor came off really knowledgeable and worldly. He talked about the several cultures of the world. You could tell he wasn't just saying known facts to impress people, he genuinely knew what he was talking about.

He was most' def an interesting person. Within ten minutes of being acquainted and making small talk, he mentioned his late wife Christine Pfleg, a German born painter, focused on magic realism.  The doctor right away showed me a painting she had done, in fact one of her last pieces before taking her own life.

He said all of this so casually to a stranger. But maybe he didn’t consider me a stranger; after all he knew both of my parents because they had visited his office before. He talked of Christine, their relationship and how they had met for the first time. It was in Paris and after many disagreements they got married.

He said Christine, before meeting him was a very promiscuous woman. She would sleep with anyone who smiled at her. He said it was because she was raped as a child.  But Michael couldn't stay away. And after being together for a while, he fell in love with her and her paintings – he fell in love with her ways.

Michael was a painter himself, but he had given up that passion to follow the demanding route of medicine. He had gone to Paris for an internship and Christine was there for a modelling gig. They met on a train.

Soon enough she was pregnant and Michael realized he could never leave her, no matter her past or whatever it was they always argued about. He said his parents would also never forgive him for having gotten her pregnant without marriage. So they got married.

Today in his office he seemed to glow when spoke of her. She died April 4th, 1972. A whole 41 years later, it seemed like he was still very much in love with her.  




Wearing: Coat - H&M | Scarf - Zara | Boots - UO



All photos by JumaCastroCo

Just recently I did a photoshoot with my lovely friends Ingrid and Andy from JumaCastroCo. They're an amazing Toronto based photography and make-up duo. Checkout out their work here

This past Sunday was groundhog day, and Ontario's Wiarton Willi  awoke from his cozy den and immediately saw his shadow, which right away meant six more weeks of winter.  With cold, icey and snowy winter still here looks like our winter gear's not going anywhere either. 

I am wearing my passed the knee wool coat, my rectangular brown blanket scarf and I find that it's easier to wear than square scarves. The boots I am wearing have tonal elastic inserts for a perfect and secure fit and have circular heels too, a detail I am not getting over anytime soon.  The light pink blazer I am wearing has a loose fit with slits on the sides. I paired all of it with a tshirt and beanie for more of a casual feel. 

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